[Last Updated: 25 April, 2018]


Council on Monuments and Sites (REGN 1344/2012)

This notification is being sent at the email address registered by members at the time of subscription and is being posted on the COMOS website (www.icomosindia.org) for public viewing. COMOS will not be responsible for non receipt of notification by members. The election schedule is appended in Annexure 1.

    • The election for positions of Treasurer & Regional Representative – Central, of Council on Monuments and Sites will be held on 16th June 2018 as per Para 12 of Rules and Regulations (Annexure 2) under the aegis of Mr Nitin Sinha, (India Member – ICLAFI & Member NSC -LAFI) , the designated Returning Officer. Please refer to the “About Us” section of the website to download rules and regulations.
    • The polling will be conducted online via email. Voting members will receive a ballot mail from icomosindia-elections2017@gmail.com & Voting members must “reply all” to that mail with Completed ballot sheets on or before 11.00 p.m (IST),16th June 2018.
    • A list of voting members is attached and may also be viewed on the website (www.icomosindia.org)
    • Final results will be announced by the Returning Officer at the AGM scheduled on the 16th June 2018.
    • Valid Candidates can prepare a small note (not more than 500 words) introducing themselves or their objective / agendas and send it to the secretariat. Secretariat will publish notes from all candidates on the website.
    • No canvassing for votes will be permitted on the official icomos-india-l@lists.icomos.org list serve. Violation of this norm may invite disqualification of candidate.
    • Voter list shall be uploaded on the website (www.icomosindia.org)
    Each eligible voting member shall vote for the following

    • Treasurer
    • Central Zone Representative
    • Eligible members (Individual, Young Professional, Institutional categories only) desirous of contesting elections are required to submit their nominations in the prescribed format (Annexure 3). Nominations must be emailed to icomosindia-elections2017@gmail.com addressed to the Returning Officer between the 16th April to 29th April 2018 (IST).
    • Nomination form must include the names and membership numbers of two nominees in addition to the candidate’s own membership number. The nominees must be copied in the email to the Returning Officer while filing nomination.
    • Nominations should reach the Returning officer no earlier than 16th April 2018 and no later than 29th April 2018. Nomination received prior to or after due dates will not be accepted.
    • Each candidate, the candidate’s proposer and second nominator must be eligible voting members who have paid at least two consecutive years of membership fees no later than 30th April, 2017
    • Nomination forms will be received solely by the Returning Officer at the specific email id which will be accessed solely by the Returning Officer
    • Candidates may withdraw their nomination by 22nd May 2018
    • ELIGIBILITY FOR CONTESTANTS– Section 12 para xx of Rules and Regulations
    • ELIGIBILITY FOR VOTERS – Section 12 para xx of Rules and Regulations





13.04.2018 Issue of Election Notification
14.04.2018 Display of Voter List (via email and on website)
15.04.2018 Issue of Nomination Form (via email and on website)
16.04.2018 – 29.04.2017 Receipt of Candidate Nominations
30.04.2018 – 06.05.2018 Review of Nomination Forms and preparation of First list of Candidates
07.05.2018 Announcement of First list of Candidates (via email and on website)
08.05.2018 – 14.05.2018 Review of list and Filing of appeals or objections if any
15.05.2018 – 21.05.2018 Disposal of appeals/objections, if any
22.05.2018 Last date for withdrawal of nomination by candidates
24.05.2018 Announcement of Final list of Candidate
25.05.2018 Dispatch of final Ballot sheet by email to eligible voters
11.00 a.m on 16.06.2018 Completed Ballot forms to be submitted via email by voters to Returning Officer at icomosindia-elections2017@gmail.com
16.06.2018 Annual General Meeting
10.00 – 11.00 Final voting by members
11.00 – 13.00 Counting of Votes by Returning Officers
14.00 – Announcement of Election Result






  1. Elections for the Executive Committee

An Election officer will be appointed be the Executive Committee Members of the Executive Committee shall be     elected as per the election rules laid as follows:

  1. The Executive Committee shall decide on the date of election no later than eight weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which time the election results will be announced.
  2. The President shall dissolve the Executive Committee after declaring the schedule of the elections and the name of the returning officer for the election.

iii. A returning officer for the election shall be nominated by the Executive Committee who will be an individual      member neither contesting nor endorsing any nomination.

  1. The secretary shall circulate a notice to all voting members announcing the elections and calling for filing of nominations.
  2. Voting members will include all individual members, Young professional and Institutional members.
  3. Candidates shall be given at least three weeks to file their nomination. The last date for receiving nominations shall be at least five weeks prior to the AGM.

vii. Every candidate for election shall be invited to send in his/ her nomination in the prescribed form along with      the following information:

  1. Name, Membership Number & Category, Post for which he/she desires to contest election, Occupation, Residential address, Experience

viii. Each nomination must be signed by a proposer and seconder both of whom must be valid   voting members of the Society. A proposer and seconder can support only one candidate in       each category / position.

  1. Candidates must email their completed nomination forms along with scanned copies of relevant documents to the returning officer within three weeks of the election notice. The returning officer shall circulate a ballot sheet with the final list of names of valid candidates for election through electronic mail to each voting member (the same shall be displayed on the      website), at least four weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Returning officer shall announce the list of valid candidates within a week of last date of filing nomination to all voting members through email/website notifications.
  3. Any candidate who wishes to withdraw his/her name from the list can do so by writing to the returning officer within a week of publishing of the candidate list.

xii. The final list of candidates for the various posts shall be announced on the website and         through email to all voting members by the returning officer no less than two weeks prior to      the AGM.

xiii. All voting members shall post their vote by e-mail, procedure for which shall be posted on   the web site or to all voting members by the returning officer.

xiv. The returning officer shall receive votes by email or through online voting till not more than two days before the AGM.

  1. Each voting member shall elect one regional representative from his/her region (based on the registered address of the member at the time of membership) and for the four other positions of office bearers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

xvi. The Returning officer shall collate all the emailed ballots and count and scrutinize them in    the presence of two members (as witness) and announce the results at the Annual General      Meeting.

xvii. Results of the elections shall be considered confidential by returning officer till he/she is     authorized to          announce them in the AGM by the President.

xviii. The seat for institutional member in the Executive Committee shall be held by rotation      among the various institutional members based on a draw of lot. The name of the institutions   completing their term will be withdrawn from the lot at the next draw.

xix. In the event of an insufficient number of nominations being received for the position of  President and/or          Executive Committee as herein before provided, those nominated shall be      declared elected and floor nominations called for the remaining positions. If the number of       persons nominated from the floor exceeds the number of vacant positions, an election shall be held. The proposer and seconder of any such nomination must be a member or a delegate for   an Institutional Member.

  1. All individual and institutional members who have paid their dues for two consecutive years prior to election shall be eligible to contest and vote in the elections. Defaulting members must pay arrears at least 6 months prior to election to be able to participate in the elections.

xxi. At least 60% of total voting members should vote in the election to render the election valid

xxii. The President and members of the Executive Committee shall hold office until their successors are elected at the next Annual General Meeting.

xxiii. Should the position of President, or a seat on the Executive Committee fall vacant prior to the completion of term, members of the Executive Committee shall nominate/ elect the               successor for a period of not more than six months, & hold election for the vacant post as per   the rules. New elected member will only serve for balance of the term of office of the previous occupant.



The result of election for Executive Committee of Council on Monuments and Sites was held on 30th June 2017 as per Para 12 of Rules and Regulations (Annexure 2) under the aegis of Mr Nitin Sinha, (India Member – ICLAFI & Member LAFI NSC) , the designated Returning Officer and Mr. James Reap, the international Monitor from ICLAFI / ICOMOS

Following members have been elected:

President: Dr.Rohit Jigyasu

Vice-President: Ms. Gurmeet Rai

Secretary: Ms. Urvashi Srivastava

Treasurer: Ms. Vanicka Arora

Regional Representative – North: Ms. Shalini Dasgupta

Regional Representative – East: Ms. Ananya Battacharya

Regional Representative – West: Ms.Poonam Trambadia

Regional Representative – South: Mr.Pankaj Modi

Regional Representative – Central: Prof. Ajay Khare

Election process was conducted in the present of following observers:

  • Prof. R.C.Aggarwal
  • Ms. Natasha Khaitan