Name of NSC

Past Events 2017

11th to 15th December

19th GA 2017 at New Delhi

Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH)

1st to 8th December

Tour and Symposium, Shared Built Heritage of Bengal. (For more details, please click here to download the brochure)

Cultural Landscapes ICOMOS-IFLA (ISCCL)

4th July

First meeting for the 19th GA New Delhi

1st to 8th May

Collaborating with US/ICOMOS for their International Exchange Program 2015 to for sending Indian young professionals and hosting the ones from US in India. Two interns from India went to the USA and three from the USA interned in India during summer 2016.

15th to 16th April

AGM at the Indian Museum and symposium on Making Heritage Buildings and Spaces Alive, Kolkata.

25th to 28th March

Supported by ICOMOS India, ICOM Canada, ICTOP, the Gem Palace Jaipur and the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, the CAM(Commonwealth Association of Museums ) collaborated with the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum to organise a workshop on Access in Museums in South Asia. Thirty-three participants from a variety of museum disciplines came together to increase awareness of and discuss potential solutions to the challenges of making buildings and collections more physically and intellectually accessible with a special focus on historic properties and collections at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, City Palace, Jaipur, India.

27th March

ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee Coordinators meeting.

31st to 5th February

ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on Cultural Routes organized a workshop “Democratizing Heritage : revolutionizing conservation practice and heritage management ” at the annual NASA, 31st Jan-5th Feb, 2016. The 58th Annual NASA Convention was hosted by the G. C. Patel Institute of Architecture, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.

1st to 5th February

A rigorous 4 day workshop titled Democratizing Heritage: revolutionizing conservation practice and heritage management was conducted under the aegis of the National Scientific Committee on Cultural Routes of ICOMOS India, and Cultural Resources Conservation Initiative India Pvt. Ltd.

Dec 2015-January

ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on “Cultural Routes” meetings, CRCI, New Delhi.

26-28th November

ICOMOS India organized the International Scientific Symposium on Conserving Living Urban Heritage: Theoretical Considerations of Continuity and Change. The document of the translation of the Valletta Principles in Hindi language undertaken by Urvashi Srivastava, was announced at this event which was co-convened by Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, ICOMOS-THEOPHIL, ICOMOS-CIVVIH and ICOMOS India in Bangalore

9th October

ICOMOS India Lecture series: Ar. Dominic Galicia presented on Architecture and Conservation in the Philippines jointly organized by ICOMOS India & IGNCA. IGNCA, New Delhi

19th to 23rd August

ICOMOS India organized the International Scientific Symposium and Meeting for the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee Of Legal Administrative And Financial Issues (ICLAFI). This symposium aimed to create environments for international cooperation for identification, study and solution of legal, administrative and financial issues in connection with the protection, maintenance and conservation of built heritage – an event hosted by SPA Bhopal in collaboration with ICOMOS India, ASI and SPA Delhi, SPA, Bhopal


Preparation of Principles for Conservation of Wall Paintings in India by ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee for Wall Paintings


ICCROM-ICOMOS- ICORP preparatory mission to train the teams of heritage volunteers to undertake this mammoth task to salvage, stabilize affected heritage with support of Smithsonian and R-DMUCH.

Collaborating with US/ICOMOS for their International Exchange Program 2015 to for sending Indian young professionals and hosting the ones from US in India. One intern from India went to the USA and one from USA came to India for the summer of 2015

9th to 13th March

A Teacher Training Program organized by NIASA in collaboration with INTACH and ICOMOS India on Understanding Heritage of the 20th Century: Identification , Documentation and conservation.

20th to 21st March

Annual General Meeting and NSC Co-ordinator’s Conclave, Maulana Azaad National Urdu University, Hyderabad.

5th to 7th February

ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on Forts and Military Heritage, ISC- ICOFORT, SPA Bhopal, UNESCO New Delhi, DRONAH, and WMF organized the event, International Conference on Fortifications and World Heritage: Challenges in Interpretation and Site Management: IHC, New Delhi.

ICOMOS India North Zone Regional Meeting at SPA, New Delhi.

10–14th November

18th ICOMOS General Assembly, Florence, Italy and several contributions made by ICOMOS India, Florence, Italy.

23rd to 25th September

27th September

ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on Disaster and Risk Preparedness took out a mission to assess the damage to cultural heritage due to Kashmir floods: Kashmir valley was affected by devastating floods in August-September 2014. ICOMOS India in collaboration with INTACH Jammu and Kashmir Chapter organised a workshop and a reconnaissance survey through rapid visual inspection to initiate the condition assessment of damage to heritage structures in Srinagar. The mission led by Nitin Sinha, ICOMOS India Member was aimed at exploring the networking of agencies, NGOs, and community based organizations to undertake damage assessment exercise, Srinagar.

A collaboration between Indian Society of Landscape Architects: ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter and ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes, the event ‘Reading the Historic Landscape’ explored unique perspectives in reading, comprehending and engaging with the context.

1st August

22nd to 23rd August

29th to 30th August

ICOMOS India Lecture series: Talk by Prof. Fauzia Husain Qureshi Former Principal, National College of Arts, Lahore On Conservation of the Living Monuments of Multan as part of the ICOMOS-India Lecture Series. Jointly organized by ICOMOS- India & IGNCA.

ICOMOS India Workshop: Museums and Heritage, India Museum , Kolkata.

First National Scientific Committee coordinators conclave, SPA, Bhopal.

29th April

First elected Executive Committee of ICOMOS India formed.

3rd-7th October

1st October

ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage partnered with ICOMOS International Scientific committee on 20th Century Heritage, Foundation Le Corbusier in France, Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture in Chandigarh, Council of Architecture, National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture, Pune, World Heritage Institute for Training and Researech for Asia and the Pacific (WHITRAP) to organise an International Conference & Training Program on Filling the gaps: World Heritage and the 20th century in Asia. More than 150 delegates from 23 countries participated in the event, which turned out to be the largest gathering of ICOMOS members in India at that point of time.

ICOMOS India Lecture series: Dr. Hans-Rudolf Neumann, ICOFORT Germany, presented Introduction to Forte Cultura: – a key case study.

1st June

First Annual General Meeting in New Delhi

First Workshop for Heritage Volunteers organized by Icomos India a for undertaking damage assessment, supported by UNESCO New Delhi, of Cultural Heritage damaged by Flash Floods in Uttarakhand, India. A team of ICOMOS India and heritage volunteers visited the site and developed a scientific approach to carry out post disaster damage assessment. Among many structures examined were the temple in Sumaadi, near Rudraprayag, Kalimath, Keshavmath and collections in History and Ethnography Museum in Srinagar, Uttrakhand.

6th-9th March

19th March

ICOMOS India contributed to the preparation of a position paper and background document for the International World Heritage Experts Meet on Visual Integrity organized by the ASI with the support of UNESCO, Agra.

First Meeting of ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on Historic Towns and Villages.

1st February

ICOMOS India Executive Committee Member, Ms. Yaminey Mubayi, gave an illustrated talk Water and History: The case of Ellora-Daulatabad -Khuladabad.