KOLKATA - a journey towards it’s recognition as a World Heritage City 19th November 2018

Date: 19 Nov 2018, Location: Delhi
NSC Name: Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH)

In 2018, ICOMOS India members participated in colloquium and meetings deliberating on the way forward to conserve Kolkata City’s heritage.  The colloquium “KOLKATA - a journey towards it’s recognition as a World Heritage City” was held at the Indian Museum on 19th November 2018 as part of World Heritage Week events. Organization and stakeholders like the Indian Museum, Calcutta Architectural Legacies, ASI, Victoria Memorial, ICOMOS India, Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, INTACH, BAUL, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of External Affairs etc.  It was decided that meetings and other activities will be planned to engage different stakeholders and the communities of this great metropolis in accomplishing conservation of the City’s heritage. This was followed by another meeting with a set of stakeholders to identify different Heritage Zones of Kolkata. ICOMOS India was represented by Ms Ananya Bhattacharya. 

Following this  another larger day long colloquium was held on 20th December 2018 at Ashutosh Birth Centenary Hall, Indian Museum in which various stakeholder will deliver their presentation in the field of their interest pertaining to “KOLKATA - a journey towards it’s recognition as a World Heritage City”. ICOMOS India members Dr. Sanghamitra Basu and Dr. Dhriti Ray Chaki  presented, Aishwarya Tipnis, Kamal Banerjee, Akhil Sarkar, Indrani Sarkar, Sandeep Nowlakha and Ananya Bhattacharya participated. Altogether there were more than 50 participants. Discussions were held on what, why and how Kolkata can be nominated for Heritage City. ICOMOS India supported the lunch for the event.